Get Your Sexy Back!


Pole Dancing is not only great for losing weight and toning up, you will also make friends, gain self-confidence, and enjoy a fun way of getting fit. Pole Dancing is for EVERYONE and anyone! We have people from 15-73 years old, women who have lost 25kgs in just 8 weeks and people who thought they were too uncoordinated to do Pole Dancing now enjoying regular classes at PoleAtes! Best of all you get the support and encouragement of a fantastic community of like-minded ladies.

PoleAtes has created a unique membership based Pole Studio with both casual passes and membership contracts. For more information check out our Pricing Page HERE.

Our unique mix of Pole, and Fitness Classes combine for a total body experience that is anything but what you’ll find in a gym. If you’re not sure if pole is for you then drop in any time, watch a class and ask us any questions.

PoleAtes favourite Pole Dancing benefits are:

  • Fun!
  • More Strength!
  • Boost Confidence!
  • Increase Sex Appeal!
  • Body Sculpt!